Radares escondidos, una trampa

A veces, los radares son disimulados... Pero esos radares basura, una verdadera trampa!

En Canada, radares basuras

radar basura

canada radar

radar trampa   trampa radar escondido

En Canada, la basura puede esconder radares.

En Alemania, radares basura

europa radar    alemania radar

Otros radares, misma mierda

En Australia, radares basura

No tenemos fotos, pero aqui es lo que dice el gobierno de Sur de Australia:

Acting Transport Minister Paul Holloway says police and Transport SA will begin trialling the wheelie bin cameras in locations where it is too dangerous to mount a speed camera in a car.

Mr Holloway says the State Government's aim is to reduce the road toll.

"We do have a particularly poor record [and] we were the worst of all the states when this Government came to office," he said.

"We do need to continue to work and look, this new trial of putting a camera in a wheelie bin is just one way in which we can add to the armoury of police."

En Suiza, unos radares bien lindos

Suiza, que mas?

radar suiza

radar suizo

Que lindos radares :)